Safe Space

Safe Space is a free meditation experience which happens daily. Meditating and writing after meditation allows us to start the day differently. We can achieve a physical and mental state that extends to the rest of our activities, generating a gradual and profoundly transformative change.

Our breath and the sound of our voice are the means to reach profound relaxation and self-knowledge. This is an opportunity to free ourselves from the demands of connectivity and to experience the present moment. It is strictly forbidden to enter Safe Space with cell phones, cameras, or any device connected to the internet.


Meditation is an ancient practice based on attention and breathing as instruments to regulate the energy of the body and mind, reaching a state of deep relaxation and self-observation.

Everything in the human body and in nature functions based on a harmonic order. Each molecule has its own vibration, and so the resonance of certain sounds and vibrations can restore harmony to the organism.

Intoning the sound of vowels is a means to raise the vibrational frequency. These vibrations awaken our cells and activate our resources to relieve tensions and return to a harmonious state of stillness, strength, and security.

Tracie Storey is the teacher who will guide this meditation experience.

Tracie Storey (Based in London) is a sound healing teacher who currently teaches sessions all around the world. For 20 years, Tracie has been deeply committed to the expansion of consciousness through sound meditation.