Meditation is an ancient practice that uses attention and breathing to regulate the energy of the body and mind.


Safe Space is a free guided meditation experience that happens daily, created by a community that values disconnection from hyper-connectivity. We believe that disconnecting, reconnecting with the universal source within ourselves and then expressing our emotions and thoughts on paper are powerful tools for generating gradual but deeply transformative changes in our lives.


Our breath and the sound of our voice are the means to achieve full relaxation and self-awareness. It is an opportunity to free ourselves from the demands and pressures of hyper-connectivity and experience the present moment. Through the sounds of the ancestral Kototama practice, we reach a state of deep relaxation and self-observation.


The ancestral sounds of vowels are a means to elevate the vibrational frequency of our being, as each cell has its own vibration, so the resonance of certain sounds activates our resources to relief stress and return to a harmonious state of calm, strength, and security.


In Safe Space, it is strictly prohibited to enter with cellphones, cameras, or any internet-connected devices.

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